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Paragraphs in "Agreement On Regional Cooperation In Combating Pollution Of The Southeast Pacific By Oil And Other Harmful Substances In Cases Of Emergency" coded as INFO

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Art.7.1x The High Contracting Parties undertake to exchange information on the following:
Art.7.1x.a (a) The competent national organization or authorities responsible for combating marine pollution;
Art.7.1x.b (b) The competent national authorities and bodies responsible for receiving information on marine pollution and for carrying out assistance programmes or measures for the benefit of the parties; and
Art.7.1x.c (c) Research programmes which they are conducting in order to develop new methods and techniques for preventing marine pollution as well as the results of such programmes.
Art.8.1x The High Contracting Parties undertake to coordinate the use of the available communication media in order to ensure the timely reception, transmission and dissemination of all information on emergency situations referred to in article 1.
Art.9.1x The High Contracting Parties shall issue instructions to the masters of ships flying their flag and the commanders or pilots of aircraft registered in their territory to report the following by the most expeditious means and in accordance with the guidelines contained in the annex to this Agreement:
Art.9.1x.a (a) The presence, characteristics and extent of oil slicks and other harmful substances observed in the sea which may constitute an imminent threat to the marine environment or related interests of one or more of the Contracting Parties; and
Art.9.1x.b (b) Any other emergency which causes or threatens to cause pollution of the marine environment.
Art.9.2x Information collected in accordance with the first paragraph of this article shall immediately be communicated to the Contracting Parties which may be affected by the danger of pollution.
Art.10.1x.c (c) They shall immediately report upon the activities referred to in the preceding sub-paragraphs and any other action which they are undertaking or intend to undertake in order to combat the pollution; and
Art.10.1x.d (d) They shall observe the emergency situation for as long as it lasts, any changes that may occur and, in general, the development of the pollution. The information obtained from such observation shall be communicated to the High Contracting Parties in the manner provided for in the preceding article.
Art.11.3x The High Contracting Parties to which a request has been addressed shall, as soon as possible, consider the request in the light of their capabilities and shall immediately inform the requesting Party of the form, extent and conditions of the co- operation they are able to provide.