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Paragraphs in "Convention Creating The Niger Basin Authority" coded as EIF

Label Provision
Art.17 Article 17 ENTRY INTO FORCE
Art.17.1x The present Convention which is a revision of the Agreement of Niamey and the Riders which shall be annexed and which shall form an integral part of the Convention upon their signature by member States shall enter into force upon ratification by two thirds of signatory States in accordance with the constitutional procedures applicable in each signatory State.
Art.18.1 1.Any member State may submit proposals for the amendment or revision of this Convention.
Art.18.2 2.Any such amendment or revision proposed shall be sent to the Current Chairman of the Council who shall communicate them to other member States not later than 60 days after the receipt of such proposals.
Art.18.3 3.All amendments and revisions to this Convention shall enter into force in conformity with the provisions of Article 17.