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Paragraphs in "Convention Creating The Niger Basin Authority" coded as RELA

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Pre.1 Whereas the Act of Niamey relating to the Navigation and the Economic Co-operation between the States of the Niger Basin was signed on the 26th October 1963 at Niamey,
Pre.2 Whereas the Summit of Heads of State and Government met on the 26th January 1979 at Lagos and set up the objectives of dynamising the Organization,
Pre.3 Considering the guiding Speech made by the Current Chairman of the Summit of Heads of State and Government to the 6th Ministerial Session of the River Niger Commission on the 11th March 1980 in Conakry,
Pre.8 Decide to transform the River Niger Commission into a "Niger Basin Authority".
Art.1.1 1.By this Convention, the High Contracting Parties decide to change the River Niger Commission to "Niger Basin Authority" hereinafter referred to as "the Authority".
Art.1.2 2.The Authority is established in lieu of the River Niger Commission established by the Agreement Relating to the River Niger Commission and to Navigation and Transports on the River Niger, made in Niamey on 25th November 1964, and revised in Niamey on 2nd February 1968 and on 15th June 1973 and in Lagos on 26th January 1979.
Art.1.3 3.The Authority inherits all the assets and assumes all the obligations of the River Niger Commission.
Art.6.8 8.Except otherwise decided, the Summit shall elect a Chairman for two years by rotation among member States according to the French alphabetical order by country. Between two sessions he shall represent the Summit and take decisions within his powers in the interest and for a harmonious operation of the Organization.
Art.12.3 3.Are considered as "convertible currencies" under this Article: currencies declared as such by the International Monetary Fund and other currencies which the Council shall consider as such.
Art.16.4 4.The Executive Secretary and his Deputy shall be accorded diplomatic privileges and immunities by the member States. The other staff of the Commission shall be accorded such privileges and immunities as accorded to officials of the Organization of African Unity of equivalent status.
Art.17.1x The present Convention which is a revision of the Agreement of Niamey and the Riders which shall be annexed and which shall form an integral part of the Convention upon their signature by member States shall enter into force upon ratification by two thirds of signatory States in accordance with the constitutional procedures applicable in each signatory State.
Art.20.1x The present Convention and all the instruments of ratification and accession shall be deposited with the Government of the Republic of Niger which shall forward certified true copies to all member States and notify them of the date of deposits of the instruments of ratification and accession and shall register this Convention with the Organization of African Unity and the United Nations Organization.
Art.21.1x This Convention revises the Niamey Agreement, signed in Niamey on the 25th of November 1964 revised in Niamey on the 2nd February 1968 and on the 15th June 1973, and in Lagos on the 26th January 1979.