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Paragraphs in "Convention Creating The Niger Basin Authority" coded as SECS

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Art.5 Article 5 INSTITUTIONS
Art.5.1 1.The institutions of the Authority shall be as follows:
Art.5.1.a (a) The Summit of Heads of State and Government;
Art.5.1.b (b) The Council of Ministers;
Art.5.1.c (c) The Technical Committee of Experts;
Art.5.1.d (d) The Executive Secretariat and its specialised Organs.
Art.9.1 1.The Executive Secretariat is the executive organ of the Authority.
Art.9.2 2.The Executive Secretariat is run by an Executive Secretary who is appointed, upon recommendation by the Council of Ministers, to the Summit of Heads of State and Government for a period of four (4) years, renewable only once. Each member State has the right to present a candidate for the post of Executive Secretary.
Art.9.3 3.The Executive Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. He is assisted by a Deputy Executive Secretary appointed by the Council of Ministers for a term of four (4) years, renewable only once. The Deputy Executive Secretary is under the authority of the Executive Secretary.
Art.9.4 4.The Executive Secretary and/or the Deputy Executive Secretary may be removed from office by the Summit on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers.
Art.9.5 5.Subject to the overriding importance of securing for the Authority the services of persons possessing the highest qualifications and technical experience due regard shall be paid, on appointing officers to the offices of the Executive Secretariat, to the desirability of maintaining an equitable distribution of appointments to such posts among member States.
Art.9.6 6.In the exercise of his duties, the Executive Secretary shall be responsible to the superior organs of the Authority. The Deputy Executive Secretary and the other officials of the Secretariat shall be responsible to the Executive Secretary.
Art.9.7 7.The Executive Secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the Authority and all its organs. For this purpose, he shall specifically:
Art.9.7.a (a) undertake such works and studies with a view to achieving the objectives of the Authority, as may be assigned to him by the Council of Ministers and formulate such proposals as may assist in the harmonious development of the Authority;
Art.9.7.b (b) negotiate loans and receive gifts on behalf of the Authority with approval by the Council of Ministers.