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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Physical Protection Of Nuclear Material" coded as CONS

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Art.5 Article 5
Art.5.1 1. States Parties shall identify and make known to each other directly or through the International Atomic Energy Agency their central authority and point of contact having responsibility for physical protection of nuclear material and for co-ordinating recovery and response operations in the event of any unauthorized removal, use or alteration of nuclear material or in the event of credible threat thereof.
Art.5.2 2. In the case of theft, robbery or any other unlawful taking of nuclear material or of credible threat thereof, States Parties shall, in accordance with their national law, provide co-operation and assistance to the maximum feasible extent in the recovery and protection of such material to any State that so requests. In particular:
Art.5.2.a a. a State Party shall take appropriate steps to inform as soon as possible other States, which appear to it to be concerned, of any theft, robbery or other unlawful taking of nuclear material or credible threat thereof and to inform, where appropriate, international organizations;
Art.5.2.b b. as appropriate, the States Parties concerned shall exchange information with each other or international organizations with a view to protecting threatened nuclear material, verifying the integrity of the shipping container, or recovering unlawfully taken nuclear material and shall:
Art.5.2.b.i i. co-ordinate their efforts through diplomatic and other agreed channels;
Art.5.2.b.ii ii. render assistance; if requested;
Art.5.2.b.iii iii. ensure the return of nuclear material stolen or missing as a consequence of the above-mentioned events.
Art.5.2.b.ivx The means of implementation of this co-operation shall be determined by the States Parties concerned.
Art.5.3 3. States Parties shall co-operate and consult as appropriate, with each other directly or through international organizations, with a view to obtaining guidance on the design, maintenance and improvement of systems of physical protection of nuclear material in international transport.