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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Physical Protection Of Nuclear Material" coded as DESCR

Label Provision
Pre.2 RECOGNIZING the right of all States to develop and apply nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and their legitimate interests in the potential benefits to be derived from the peaceful application of nuclear energy,
Pre.3 CONVINCED of the need for facilitating international co-operation in the peaceful application of nuclear energy,
Pre.4 DESIRING to avert the potential dangers posed by the unlawful taking and use of nuclear material,
Pre.5 CONVINCED that offences relating to nuclear material are a matter of grave concern and that there is an urgent need to adopt appropriate and effective measures to ensure the prevention, detection and punishment of such offences,
Pre.6 AWARE OF THE NEED FOR international co-operation to establish, in conformity with the national law of each State Party and with this Convention, effective measures for the physical protection of nuclear material,
Pre.7 CONVINCED that this Convention should facilitate the safe transfer of nuclear material,
Pre.8 STRESSING also the importance of the physical protection of nuclear material in domestic use, storage and transport,
Pre.9 RECOGNIZING the importance of effective physical protection of nuclear material used for military purposes, and understanding that such material is and will continue to be accorded stringent physical protection,
Pre.10 HAVE AGREED as follows: