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Paragraphs in "South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency Convention" coded as INFO

Label Provision
Art.6.4 4. The Director shall submit to the Committee for approval:
Art.6.4.a (a) an annual report on the activities of the Agency for the preceding year;
Art.6.4.b (b) a draft work programmed and budget for the succeeding year.
Art.7.1x.a (a) collect, analyze, evaluate and disseminate to Parties relevant statistical and biological information with respect to the living marine resources of the region and in particular the highly migratory species;
Art.7.1x.b (b) collect and disseminate to Parties relevant information concerning management procedures, legislation and agreements adopted by other countries both within and beyond the region;
Art.7.1x.c (c) collect and disseminate to Parties relevant information on prices, shipping, processing and marketing of fish and fish products;
Art.7.1x.d (d) provide, on request, to any Party technical advice and information, assistance in the development of fisheries policies and negotiations, and assistance in the issue of licenses, the collection of fees or in matters pertaining to surveillance and enforcement;
Art.9.1x The Parties shall provide the Agency with available and appropriate information including:
Art.9.1x.a (a) catch and effort statistics in respect of fishing operations in waters under their jurisdiction or conducted by vessels under their jurisdiction;
Art.9.1x.b (b) relevant laws, regulations and international agreements;
Art.9.1x.c (c) relevant biological and statistical data; and (d) action with respect to decisions taken by the Committee.