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Paragraphs in "South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency Convention" coded as SBS

Label Provision
Art.4.1 1. The Committee shall hold a regular session at least once every year. A special session shall be held at any time at the request of at least four Parties. The Committee shall endeavor to take decisions by consensus.
Art.4.2 2. Where consensus is not possible each Party shall have one vote and decisions shall be taken by a two-thirds majority of the Parties present and voting.
Art.4.3 3. The Committee shall adopt such rules of procedure and other internal administrative regulations as it considers necessary.
Art.4.4 4. The committee may establish such sub-committees, including technical and budget sub-committees as it may consider necessary.
Art.4.5 5. The South Pacific Bureau for Economic Co-operation (SPEC) may participate in the work of the Committee. States, territories and other international organizations may participate as observers in accordance with such criteria as the Committee may determine.