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Paragraphs in "Convention On Future Multilateral Cooperation In The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries" coded as RELA

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Pre.3 TAKING into account the work of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea in the field of fisheries;
Art.1.4 4. This Convention applies to all fishery resources of the Convention Area, with the following exceptions: salmon, tunas and marlins, cetacean stocks managed by the International Whaling Commission or any successor organization, and sedentary species of the Continental Shelf, i.e., organisms which, at the harvestable stage, either are immobile on or under the seabed or are unable to move except in constant physical contact with the seabed or the subsoil.
Art.22.1 1. This Convention shall be open for signature at Ottawa until 31 December 1978, by the Parties represented at the Diplomatic Conference on the Future of Multilateral Cooperation in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries, held at Ottawa from 11 to 21 October 1977. It shall thereafter be open for accession.
Art.23.1x Upon the entry into force of this Convention, each proposal that has been transmitted or is effective at that time under Article VIII of the International Convention for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries, 1949, ("the ICNAF Convention") shall, subject to the provisions of the ICNAF Convention, become a measure binding on each Contracting Party with respect to the Regulatory Area immediately, if the proposal has become effective under the ICNAF Convention, or at such time as it becomes effective thereunder. Subject to paragraph 3 of Article XII of this Convention, each such measure shall remain binding on each Contracting Party, until such time as it expire or is replaced by a measure which has become binding pursuant to Article XI of this Convention; provided that no such replacement shall take effect before this Convention has been in force for one year.
Art.25.2 2. The Depositary shall register the present Convention with the Secretariat of the United Nations.