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Paragraphs in "Convention On Future Multilateral Cooperation In The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries" coded as SECS

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Art.2 Article II
Art.2.1 1. The Contracting Parties agree to establish and maintain an international organization whose object shall be to contribute through consultation and cooperation to the optimum utilization, rational management and conservation of the fishery resources of the Convention Area. This organization shall be known as the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization, hereinafter referred to as "the Organization", and shall carry out the functions set forth in this Convention.
Art.2.2 2. The Organization shall consist of:
Art.2.2.a a) a General Council;
Art.2.2.b b) a Scientific Council;
Art.2.2.c c) a Fisheries Commission;
Art.2.2.d d) a Secretariat.
Art.2.3 3. The Organization shall have legal personality and shall enjoy in its relations with other international organizations and in the territories of the Contracting Parties such legal capacity as may be necessary to perform its functions and achieve its ends. The immunities and privileges which the Organization and its officers shall enjoy in the territory of a Contracting Party shall be subject to agreement between the Organization and the Contracting Party concerned.
Art.2.4 4. The headquarters of the Organization shall be at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, or as such other place as may be decided by the General Council.
Art.15 Article XV
Art.15.1 1. The Secretariat shall provide services to the Organization in the exercise of its duties and functions.
Art.15.2 2. The chief administrative officer of the Secretariat shall be the Executive Secretary, who shall be appointed by the General Council according to such procedures and on such terms as it may determine.
Art.15.3 3. The staff of the Secretariat shall be appointed by the Executive Secretary in accordance with such rules and procedures as may be determined by the General Council.
Art.15.4 4. The Executive Secretary shall, subject to the general supervision of the General Council, have full power and authority over staff of the Secretariat and shall perform such other functions as the General Council shall prescribe.