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Paragraphs in "Treaty For Amazonian Cooperation" coded as DESCR

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Pre.1 The Republics of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela,
Pre.2 CONSCIOUS of the importance to each one of the Parties of their respective Amazonian regions as an integral part of their respective territories,
Pre.3 INSPIRED by the common aim of pooling the efforts being made, both within their respective territories as well as among them-selves, to promote the harmonious development of the Amazon region, to permit an equitable distribution of the benefits of said development among the Contracting Parties so as to raise the standard of living of their peoples and so as to achieve total incorporation of their Amazonian territories into their respective national economies,
Pre.4 CONSCIOUS of the usefulness of sharing national experiences in matters pertaining to the promotion of regional development,
Pre.5 CONSIDERING that, so as to achieve overall development of their respective Amazonian territories, it is necessary to maintain a balance between economic growth and conservation of the environment,
Pre.6 CONSCIOUS that both socio-economic development as well as conservation of the environment are responsibilities inherent in the sovereignty of each State, and that cooperation among the Contracting Parties shall facilitate fulfillment of these responsibilities, by continuing and expanding the joint efforts being made for the ecological conservation of the Amazon region,
Pre.7 CONFIDENT that cooperation among the Latin American nations on specific matters which they have in common shall contribute to progress on the road towards the integration and solidarity of all Latin America,
Pre.8 CONVINCED that this Treaty represents the beginning of a process of cooperation which shall benefit their respective countries and the Amazon region as a whole,
Pre.9 RESOLVE to sign the following Treaty:
Art.5.1x Taking account of the importance and multiplicity of the functions which the Amazonian rivers have in the process of economic and social development of the region, the Contracting Parties shall make efforts aimed at achieving rational utilization of the hydro resources.
Art.7.1x Taking into account the need for the exploitation of the flora and fauna of the Amazon region to be rationally planned so as to maintain the ecological balance within the region and preserve the species, the Contracting Parties decide to:
Art.7.1x.a a. Promote scientific research and exchange information and technical personnel among the competent agencies within the respective countries so as to increase their knowledge of the flora and fauna of their Amazon territories and prevent and control diseases in said territories.
Art.7.1x.b b. Establish a regular system for the proper exchange of information on the conservationist measures adopted or to be adopted by each State in its Amazonian territories; these shall be the subject of an annual report to be presented by each country.
Art.12.1x The Contracting Parties recognize the benefit to be derived by developing, under equitable and mutually beneficial conditions, retail trade of products for local consumption among the respective Amazonian border populations, by means of suitable bilateral or multilateral agreements.