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Paragraphs in "Treaty For Amazonian Cooperation" coded as HOBF

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Art.20.0x Notwithstanding the fact that more adequate frequency for meetings can be established at a later date, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Contracting Parties shall convene meetings when deemed opportune or advisable, in order to establish the basic guidelines for common policies, for assessing and evaluating the general development or the process of Amazonian cooperation and for taking decisions designed to carry out the aims set out in this document.
Art.20.1 PARAGRAPH ONE: Meetings of Foreign Affairs Ministers shall be convened at the request of any of the Contracting Parties, provided that the request has the support of no fewer than four Member States.
Art.20.2 PARAGRAPH TWO: The first Meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers shall be held within a period of two years following the date of entry into force of this Treaty. The venue and date of the first meeting shall be established by agreement among the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Contracting Parties.
Art.20.3 PARAGRAPH THREE: Designation of the host country for the meetings shall be by rotation and in alphabetical order.