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Paragraphs in "Treaty For Amazonian Cooperation" coded as INFO

Label Provision
Art.1.2x PARAGRAPH: to this end, they would exchange information and prepare operational agreements and understandings as well as the pertinent legal instruments which will permit the aims of the present Treaty to be attained.
Art.7.1x.a a. Promote scientific research and exchange information and technical personnel among the competent agencies within the respective countries so as to increase their knowledge of the flora and fauna of their Amazon territories and prevent and control diseases in said territories.
Art.7.1x.b b. Establish a regular system for the proper exchange of information on the conservationist measures adopted or to be adopted by each State in its Amazonian territories; these shall be the subject of an annual report to be presented by each country.
Art.9.1x.c c. Organization of seminars and conferences, exchange of information and documentation, and organization of means for their dissemination.
Art.10.1x The Contracting Parties agree on the advisability of creating a suitable physical infrastructure among their respective countries, especially in relation to transportation and communications. They therefore undertake to study the most harmonious ways of establishing or improving road, river, air and telecommunication links bearing in mind the plans and programs of each country aimed at attaining the priority goal of fully incorporating those respective Amazonian territories into their respective national economies,
Art.15.1x The Contracting Parties shall seek to maintain a permanent exchange of information and cooperation among themselves and with the agencies for Latin American cooperation in the areas pertaining to matters covered by this Treaty.
Art.21.0x.3 3. To recommend to the Parties the advisability and the appropriateness of convening meetings of Foreign Affairs Ministers and of drawing-up the corresponding Agenda.
Art.22.1x PARAGRAPH: The Pro Tempore Secretariat shall send the pertinent documentation to the Parties.