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Paragraphs in "Treaty For Amazonian Cooperation" coded as SBS

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Art.21.0x The Amazonian Cooperation Council comprising of top level diplomatic representatives shall meet once a year. Its duties shall be as follows:
Art.21.0x.1 1 . To ensure that the aims and objectives of the Treaty are complied with.
Art.21.0x.2 2. To be responsible for carrying out the decisions taken at meetings of Foreign Affairs Ministers.
Art.21.0x.3 3. To recommend to the Parties the advisability and the appropriateness of convening meetings of Foreign Affairs Ministers and of drawing-up the corresponding Agenda.
Art.21.0x.4 4. To take under consideration initiatives and plans present by the Parties as well as to adopt decisions for undertaking bilateral or multilateral studies and plans, the execution of which as the case may be, shall be the duty of the Permanent National Commissions.
Art.21.0x.5 5. To evaluate the implementation of plans of bilateral or multilateral interest.
Art.21.0x.6 6. To draw-up the Rules and Regulations for its proper functioning.
Art.21.1 PARAGRAPH ONE: The Council shall hold special meetings through the initiative of any of the Contracting Parties with the support of the majority of the rest.
Art.21.2 PARAGRAPH TWO: The venue of regular meetings shall be rotated in alphabetical order among the Contracting Parties.
Art.24.1x Whenever necessary, the Contracting Parties may set up special Commissions to study specific problems or matters related to the aims of this Treaty.
Art.25.1x Decisions at meetings held in accordance with Articles XX and XXI shall always require the unanimous vote of the Member Countries of his Treaty. Decisions made at meetings held in accordance with Article XXIV shall always require the unanimous vote of the participating countries.