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Paragraphs in "Treaty On The International Recognition Of The Deposit Of Microorganisms For The Purposes Of Patent Procedure" coded as DEFN

Label Provision
Art.2 Article 2 Definitions
Art.2.1x For the purposes of this Treaty and the Regulations:
Art.2.1x.I (i) references to a "patent" shall be construed as references to patents for inventions, inventors' certificates, utility certificates, utility models, patents or certificates of addition, inventors' certificates of addition, and utility certificates of addition;
Art.2.1x.ii (ii) "deposit of a microorganism" means, according to the context in which these words appear, the following acts effected in accordance with this Treaty and the Regulations; the transmittal of a microorganism to an international depositary authority, which receives and accepts it, or the storage of such a microorganism by the international depositary authority, or both the said transmittal and the said storage;
Art.2.1x.iii (iii) "patent procedure" means any administrative or judicial procedure relating to a patent application or a patent;
Art.2.1x.iv (iv) "publication for the purposes of patent procedure" means the official publication, or the official laying open for public inspection, of a patent application or a patent;
Art.2.1x.v (v) "intergovernmental industrial property organization" means an organization that has filed a declaration under Article 9(1);
Art.2.1x.vi (vi) "industrial property office" means an authority of a Contracting State or an intergovernmental industrial property organization competent for the grant of patents;
Art.2.1x.vii (vii) "depositary institution" means an institution which provides for the receipt, acceptance and storage of microorganisms and the furnishing of samples thereof;
Art.2.1x.viii (viii) "international depositary authority" means a depositary institution which has acquired the status of international depositary authority as provided in Article 7;
Art.2.1x.ix (ix) "depositor" means the natural person or legal entity transmitting a microorganism to an international depositary authority, which receives and accepts it, and any successor in title of the said natural person or legal entity;
Art.2.1x.x (x) "Union" means the Union referred to in Article 1;
Art.2.1x.xi (xi) "Assembly" means the Assembly referred to in Article 10;
Art.2.1x.xii (xii) "Organization" means the World Intellectual Property Organization;
Art.2.1x.xiii (xiii) "International Bureau" means the International Bureau of the Organization and, as long as it subsists, the United International Bureau for the Protection of Intellectual Property (BIRPI);
Art.2.1x.xiv (xiv) "Director General" means the Director General of the Organization;
Art.2.1x.xv (xv) "Regulations" means the Regulations referred to in Article 12.