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Paragraphs in "Treaty On The International Recognition Of The Deposit Of Microorganisms For The Purposes Of Patent Procedure" coded as SBS

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Art.10 Article 10 Assembly
Art.10.1.a (1) (a) The Assembly shall consist of the Contracting States.
Art.10.1.b (b) Each Contracting State shall be represented by one delegate, who may be assisted by alternate delegates, advisors, and experts.
Art.10.1.c (c) Each intergovernmental industrial property organization shall be represented by special observers in the meetings of the Assembly and any committee and working group established by the Assembly.
Art.10.1.d (d) Any State not member of the Union which is a member of the Organization or of the International (Paris) Union for the Protection of Industrial Property and any intergovernmental organization specialized in the field of patents other than an intergovernmental industrial property organization as defined in Article 2(v) may be represented by observers in the meetings of the Assembly and, if the Assembly so decides, in the meetings of any committee or working group established by the Assembly.
Art.10.2.a (2) (a) The Assembly shall:
Art.10.2.a.i (i) deal with all matters concerning the maintenance and development of the Union and the implementation of this Treaty;
Art.10.2.a.ii (ii) exercise such rights and perform such tasks as are specially conferred upon it or assigned to it under this Treaty;
Art.10.2.a.iii (iii) give directions to the Director General concerning the preparations for revision conferences;
Art.10.2.a.iv (iv) review and approve the reports and activities of the Director General concerning the Union, and give him all necessary instructions concerning matters within the competence of the Union;
Art.10.2.a.v (v) establish such committees and working groups as it deems appropriate to facilitate the work of the Union;
Art.10.2.a.vi (vi) determine, subject to paragraph (1)(d), which States other than Contracting States, which intergovernmental organizations other than intergovernmental industrial property organizations as defined in Article 2(v) and which international non-governmental organizations shall be admitted to its meetings as observers and to what extent international depositary authorities shall be admitted to its meetings as observers;
Art.10.2.a.vii (vii) take any other appropriate action designed to further the objectives of the Union;
Art.10.2.a.viii (viii) perform such other functions as are appropriate under this Treaty.
Art.10.2.b (b) With respect to matters which are of interest also to other Unions administered by the Organization, the Assembly shall make its decisions after having heard the advice of the Coordination Committee of the Organization.
Art.10.3 (3) A delegate may represent, and vote in the name of, one State only.
Art.10.4 (4) Each Contracting State shall have one vote.
Art.10.5.a (5) (a) One-half of the Contracting States shall constitute a quorum.
Art.10..5b (b) In the absence of the quorum, the Assembly may make decisions but, with the exception of decisions concerning its own procedure, all such decisions shall take effect only if the quorum and the required majority are attained through voting by correspondence as provided in the Regulations.
Art.10.6.a (6) (a) Subject to Articles 8(1)(c), 12(4) and 14(2)(b), the decisions of the Assembly shall require a majority of the votes cast.
Art.10.6.b (b) Abstentions shall not be considered as votes.
Art.10.7.a (7) (a) The Assembly shall meet once in every second calendar year in ordinary session upon convocation by the Director General, preferably during the same period and at the same place as the General Assembly of the Organization.
Art.10.7.b (b) The Assembly shall meet in extraordinary session upon convocation by the Director General, either on his own initiative or at the request of one-fourth of the Contracting States.
Art.10.8 (8) The Assembly shall adopt its own rules of procedure.