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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Protection Of The Rhine Against Pollution By Chlorides" coded as DESCR

Label Provision
Pre.1 The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, The Government of the French Republic, The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, The Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Government of the Swiss Confederation,
Pre.2 Referring to the Agreement of April 29, 1963 concerning the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine against Pollution,
Pre.3 Considering the present amount of chloride ions in the Rhine,
Pre.4 Aware of the damage that could result therefrom,
Pre.5 Referring to the findings and results of the Conference of Ministers on the Pollution of the Rhine, which took place at The Hague on October 25-26, 1972, during the course of which the desire was expressed to improve progressively the quality of the waters of the Rhine so that at the German-Netherlands border the chloride ion content will not be greater than 200 mg/l,
Pre.6 Have agreed on the following: