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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Protection Of The Rhine Against Pollution By Chlorides" coded as FINPR

Label Provision
Art.7 Article 7
Art.7.1 1. The expenses resulting from injection as provided in Article 2 paragraph 2 and from the preparatory works will be assumed by the French Party.
Art.7.2 2. The Contracting Parties mentioned below will contribute to the total cost of 132 million French francs by means of a lump sum payment, prorated as follows:
Art.7.2.ax Federal Republic of Germany 30%
Art.7.2.bx Kingdom of the Netherlands 34%
Art.7.2.cx Swiss Confederation 6%
Art.7.2.dx The payments shall be made no later than three months after the entry into force of this Convention.
Art.7.3 3. The Contracting Parties will deliberate following the presentation of the over-all plan provided for in Article 2 (4) and at the request of the French Government, on the financing of the measures to be carried out in application of Article 2 (3) on the basis of the prorating given in paragraph 2 above. The costs of preliminary research particularly relating to studies and exploration, and, in addition, the unforeseen expenses not covered by the financing of the first stage shall likewise be included in the financing plan.
Art.8 Article 8
Art.8.1x The payments specified in Article 7 (2) shall be made in French francs to account No. 440-09/line 1 in the Central Accounting Agency of the French Treasury.