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Paragraphs in "North American Plant Protection Convention" coded as INFO

Label Provision
Pre.13.2.F F. Keeping parties informed of plant quarantine and protection matters of mutual concern:
Pre.14.2.G G. Promoting arrangements for the training or technical personnel in the fields of plant quarantine and plant protection:
Pre.15.2.H H. Exchanging research and development information relating to plant pests and their control:
Pre.17.2.J J. Jointly participating in programs of research and methods development relating to plant protection and quarantine: and
Pre.19.3 3. To facilitate consultation regarding the cooperation regarding the cooperation contemplated in this Agreement representative of the agencies specified in paragraph 3 of this Agreement will meet annually at a North American Plant Protection Agreement (NAPPA) Workshop. The propose of such Workshops is to permit exchange of information relating to the implementation of this Agreement and to provide a forum for the discussion of particular problems which may arise in this field.