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Paragraphs in "Agreement Regarding Monitoring Of The Stratosphere" coded as DESCR

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Pre.1 The Government of the United States of America, the Government of the Republic of France and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
Pre.2 Conscious of concern over the potential impact of man's activities on the earth's stratosphere,
Pre.3 Recognising that the accurate assessment and prediction of such impacts will require a better understanding of the upper atmosphere,
Pre.4 Aware that it is necessary to expedite the long-term effort required to understand the impact of potential stratospheric modifiers, such as aviation and chemical substances,
Pre.5 Believing that an improved capacity to measure and monitor stratospheric species, including ozone, is essential to this understanding,
Pre.6 Bearing in mind the diversity of national and international activities already being carried out to assess concentrations of stratospheric species and their significance as well as the new international programmes being considered by the World Meteorological Organisation (hereinafter referred to as the'WMO") and the United Nations Environment Programme (hereinafter referred to as the "UNEP"), and
Pre.7 Desiring to foster an acceleration of the worldwide effort to understand better the behaviour of the stratosphere, and the ozone layer in particular, and to demonstrate the feasibility and utility of collaborative international action in this regard,
Pre.8 Have agreed as follows: