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Paragraphs in "Convention For The Protection Of The Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution" coded as REVW

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Art.14 Article 14
Art.14.1 1. The Contracting Parties shall hold ordinary meetings once every two years and extraordinary meetings at any other time deemed necessary, upon the request of the Organization or at the request of any Contracting Party, provided that such requests are supported by at least two Contracting Parties;
Art.14.2 2. It shall be the function of the meetings of the Contracting Parties to keep under review the implementation of this Convention and the Protocols and, in particular
Art.14.2.1 (i) to review gradually the inventories carried out by Contracting Parties and competent international organizations on the state of marine pollution and its effects in the Mediterranean Sea area;
Art.14.2.ii (ii) to consider reports submitted by the Contracting Parties under Article 20;
Art.14.2.iii (iii) to adopt, review and amend as required the Annexes to this Convention and to the Protocols in accordance with the procedure established in Article 17;
Art.14.2.iv (iv) to make recommendations regarding the adoption of any Additional Protocols or any amendments to this Convention or the Protocols in accordance with the provisions of Articles 15 and 16;
Art.14.2.v (v) to establish working groups as required to consider any matters related to this Convention and the Protocols and Annexes;
Art.14.2.vi (vi) to consider and undertake any additional action that may be required for the achievement of the purposes of this Convention and the Protocols.