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Paragraphs in "Agreement Concerning A Joint Project For Planning, Design, Experiment, Preparation, Performance And Reporting Of Reactor Safety Experiments Concerning Containment Response" coded as ATTACH

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Art.3.2x The project will be performed according to Appendices A-F and will aim at providing the contracting parties with further information mainly on certain dynamic phenomena in connection with containment blowdown situations.
Art.3.3x The framework of the project is laid down in the appendices to this Agreement:
Art.3.3x.ax Appendix A Description of programmes
Art.3.3x.bx Appendix B Instrumentation
Art.3.3x.cx Appendix C Organization
Art.3.3x.dx Appendix D Budget
Art.3.3x.ex Appendix E Time schedule
Art.3.3x.fx Appendix F Reports
Art.3.5x The description in Appendix A reflects the fact that a certain minimum number of tests is necessary for the programme to be meaningful. It is consequently agreed that a minimum of 8 blowdown tests (blowdowns Nos 17 - 24) within the programme to be specified in accordance with Appendix A shall be performed.
Art.3.6x The time schedule contains reserve time which partly is intended for repetition of experiments if needed.
Art.4.3 3. A committee, called the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), shall be established. The committee shall be composed of senior technical experts. Each contracting party having a share of 20 % of the total budget shall have the right to designate two members and each contracting party having a share of less than 20 % shall have the right to designate one member. The committee has the authority to direct the project manager on technical matters within the scope, cost and time schedule of the programme. Differences in opinion between the TAC members shall be resolved by the vote following the same procedure as applies to the voting in the board. If the project manager considers a proposal from the TAC to lead to an increase in costs or to a prolongation of the time schedule, the matter shall immediately be brought by him to the attention of the board for decision. Pending the decision of the board, no action shall be taken by the project manager that may infringe upon the freedom of the board to decide. The project manager shall be in attendance at the meetings of the committee.
Art.4.4 4. In the performance of his duties, the project manger shall be assisted by a project staff as exemplified in Appendix C.
Art.5.1 1. The starting date of the project is February 1, 1975 and the project shall he carried out in accordance with the time schedule in Appendix E.
Art.6.1.ax The project budget as presented in Appendix D amounts to Skr 13.7 millions. This amount includes all foreseen wage and price increases for the programme planned to be carried out and specified in Appendix A - F.
Art.6.1.cx The project costs and the relevant reserve stated in this Article are calculated on the basis of a current station availability during the period indicated in the time schedule in Appendix E. Cost increase due to interrupted availability of the Marviken plant shall he borne by the AES, provided that the interruptions are not caused by the performance of the experiments.
Art.6.3 3. The project shall be debited with the cost of the personnel of the project staff supplied by the contracting parties under the conditions specified in Article VII and in Appendix D, where all personnel costs are given according to nominal AES wage codes, inclusive of statutory social dues multiplied by 1.75. When project personnel are working outside their home organizations, the project shall be debited with an additional per diem cost according to AES's rules. Costs for travels to and from the permanent residence of the personnel are paid by the respective home organization.
Art.7.1 1. During the project, the contracting parties shall, within the total budget, contribute to the project staff by supplying project personnel, along the lines specified in Appendix C: p 4.
Art.7.2 2. The parties shall, if considered necessary by the board, maintain at the disposal of the project their project personnel for a period not exceeding the period stated in Appendix E by more than three months. Such prolongation shall fall within the total budget and be credited according to the same rules as set out in Article VI:3.
Art.8.1 1. The results of the project shall be presented in the form of appropriate progress and final reports as specified in Appendix F.