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Paragraphs in "Agreement Concerning A Joint Project For Planning, Design, Experiment, Preparation, Performance And Reporting Of Reactor Safety Experiments Concerning Containment Response" coded as AMND

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Art.11.1 1. Should unforeseen occurrences put in doubt the achievement of the project objectives within the agreed time, budget or cost schedule, the project manager shall immediately report to the project board, which shall decide on the continuation. A decision to continue shall require the unanimous agreement of the parties, and must include necessary amendments of the time, budget or cost schedule as the case may be.
Art.11.2 2. If a decision to continue the project can not be reached, then any party to this Agreement shall have the right to withdraw from the Agreement. In such a case the withdrawing party is under an obligation to fulfil its share of project commitments which originate prior to the date of the withdrawal. The withdrawing party has the right to all information produced by the project up to the date of withdrawal. The information will be supplied in the form existing at the date of withdrawal without processing of the data.