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Paragraphs in "Implementing Agreement On The Technical Exchange Of Information In The Field Of Reactor Safety Research And Development To The Agreement on an International Energy Programme" coded as ATTACH

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Art.3.1.dx in accordance with the provisions of the Annex which forms an integral part of this Agreement.
Art.55.1 1. The Standing Group on Emergency Questions shall carry out the functions assigned to it in Chapters I to V and the Annex and any other function delegated to it by the Governing Board.
Art.55.2 2. The Standing Group may review and report to the Management Committee on any matter within the scope of Chapters I to V and the Annex.
Art.64.1 1. The expenses of the Secretariat and all other common expenses shall be shared among all Participating Countries according to a scale of contributions elaborated according to the principles and rules set out in the Annex to the "OECD Resolution of the Council on Determination of the Scale of Contributions by Member Countries to the Budget of the Organisation" of 10th December, 1963. After the first year of application of this Agreement, the Governing Board shall review this scale of contributions and, acting by unanimity, shall decide upon any appropriate changes in accordance with Article 73.