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Paragraphs in "Implementing Agreement On The Technical Exchange Of Information In The Field Of Reactor Safety Research And Development To The Agreement on an International Energy Programme" coded as FINPR

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Art.42 Article 42
Art.42.1 1. The Standing Group on Long Term Co-operation shall examine and report to the Management Committee on co-operative action. The following areas shall in particular be considered:
Art.42.1.a (a) Conservation of energy, including co-operative programs on
Art.42.1.a.i -exchange of national experiences and information on energy conservation;
Art.42.1.a.ii #NAME?
Art.42.1.b (b) Development of alternative sources of energy such as domestic oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear energy and hydro-electric power, including co-operative programs on
Art.42.1.b.i -exchange of information on such matters as resources, supply and demand, price and taxation;
Art.42.1.b.ii -ways and means for reducing the growth of consumption of imported oil through the development of alternative sources of energy;
Art.42.1.b.iv -concrete projects, including jointly financed projects;
Art.42.1.b #NAME?
Art.42.1.c.i (c) Energy research and development, including as a matter of priority co-operative programs on
Art.42.1.c.ii -coal technology;
Art.42.1.c.iii -solar energy;
Art.42.1.c.iv -radioactive waste management;
Art.42.1.c.v -controlled thermonuclear fusion;
Art.42.1.c.vi -production of hydrogen from water;
Art.42.1.c.vii -nuclear safety;
Art.42.1.c.viii -waste heat utilisation;
Art.42.1.c.ix -conservation of energy;
Art.42.1.c.x -municipal and industrial waste utilisation for energy conservation;
Art.42.1.c.xi #NAME?
Art.42.1.d (d) Uranium enrichment, including co-operative programs
Art.42.1.d.i -to monitor developments in natural and enriched uranium supply;
Art.42.1.d.ii -to facilitate development of natural uranium resources and enrichment services;
Art.42.1.d.iii -to encourage such consultations as may be required to deal with international issues that may arise in relation to the expansion of enriched uranium supply;
Art.42.1.d.iv #NAME?
Art.42.2 2. In examining the areas of co-operative action, the Standing Group shall take due account of ongoing activities elsewhere.
Art.42.3 3. Programs developed under paragraph 1 may be jointly financed. Such joint financing may take place in accordance with Article 64, paragraph 2.