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Paragraphs in "Convention On Fishing And Conservation Of The Living Resources In The Baltic Sea And the Belts" coded as FINAD

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Art.7.1 1. The Commission shall adopt its financial rules.
Art.7.2 2. The Commission shall adopt a two years budget of proposed expenditures and budget estimates for the fiscal period following thereafter.
Art.7.3 3. The total amount of the budget including any supplementary budget shall be contributed by the Contracting Parties according to the following formula:
Art.7.3.a a) one-third of the budget shall be divided equally among the Contracting Parties,
Art.7.3.b b) two-third of the budget shall be divided in proportion to the TACs available to the Contracting Parties in accordance with the Financial regulations for the Commission
Art.7.4 4. Each Contracting State shall pay the expenses related to the participation in the Commission of its representatives, experts and advisers.