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Paragraphs in "Convention On Fishing And Conservation Of The Living Resources In The Baltic Sea And the Belts" coded as SCOP

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Art.2.1 1. The area to which this Convention applies, hereinafter referred to as "the Convention area", shall be all waters of the Baltic Sea and the Belts, excluding internal waters, bounded in the west by a line as from Hasenore Head to Gniben Point, from Korshage to Spodsbierg and from Gilbierg Head to the Kullen.
Art.2.2 2. This Convention shall apply to all fish species and other living marine resources in the Convention Area.
Art.14.1x The provisions of this Convention shall not apply to operations conducted solely for the purpose of scientific investigations by vessels authorized by a Contracting State for that purpose, or to fish and other marine organisms taken in the course of such operations. Catch so taken shall not be sold, exposed or offered for sale.