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Paragraphs in "Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species Of Wild Fauna And Flora" coded as INFO

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Art.8.7 7. Each Party shall prepare periodic reports on its implementation of the present Convention and shall transmit to the Secretariat:
Art.8.7.a (a) an annual report containing a summary of the information specified in sub-paragraph (b) of paragraph 6 of this Article; and
Art.8.7.b (b) a biennial report on legislative, regulatory and administrative measures taken to enforce the provisions of the present Convention.
Art.8.8 8. The information referred to in paragraph 7 of this Article shall be available to the public where this is not inconsistent with the law of the Party concerned.
Art.12.2.f (f) to publish periodically and distribute to the Parties current editions of Appendices I, II and III together with any information which will facilitate identification of specimens of species included in those Appendices;
Art.12.2.h (h) to make recommendations for the implementation of the aims and provisions of the present Convention, including the exchange of information of a scientific or technical nature;
Art.13.1 1. When the Secretariat in the light of information received is satisfied that any species included in Appendix I or II is being affected adversely by trade in specimens of that species or that the provisions of the present Convention are not being effectively implemented, it shall communicate such information to the authorized Management Authority of the Party or Parties concerned.
Art.13.2 2. When any Party receives a communication as indicated in paragraph 1 of this Article, it shall, as soon as possible, inform the Secretariat of any relevant facts insofar as its laws permit and, where appropriate, propose remedial action. Where the Party considers that an inquiry is desirable, such inquiry may be carried out by one or more persons expressly authorized by the Party.
Art.15.2.b (b) For marine species, the Secretariat shall, upon receiving the text of the proposed amendment, immediately communicate it to the Parties. It shall also consult inter-governmental bodies having a function in relation to those species especially with a view to obtaining scientific data these bodies may be able to provide and to ensuring co-ordination with any conservation measures enforced by such bodies. The Secretariat shall communicate the views expressed and data provided by these bodies and its own findings and recommendations to the Parties as soon as possible.