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Paragraphs in "Convention For The Conservation Of Antarctic Seals" coded as HOBF

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Art.6 Article 6 Consultation between Contracting Parties
Art.6.1 1. At any time after commercial sealing has begun a Contracting Party may propose through the Depositary that a meeting of Contracting Parties be convened with a view to:
Art.6.1.a a) establishing by a two-thirds majority of the Contracting Parties, including the concurring votes of all States signatory to this Convention present at the meeting, an effective system of control, including inspection, over the implementation of the provisions of this Convention;
Art.6.1.b b) establishing a commission to perform such functions under this Convention as the Contracting Parties may deem necessary; or
Art.6.1.c c) considering other proposals, including:
Art.6.1.c.i (i) the provision of independent scientific advice;
Art.6.1.c.ii (ii) the establishment, by a two-thirds majority, of a scientific advisory committee which may be assigned some or all of the functions requested of SCAR under this Convention, if commercial sealing reaches significant proportions;
Art.6.1.c.iii (iii) the carrying out of scientific programmes with the participation of the Contracting Parties; and
Art.6.1.c.iv (iv) the provision of further regulatory measures, including moratoria.
Art.6.2 2. If one-third of the Contracting Parties indicate agreement the Depositary shall convene such a meeting, as soon as possible.
Art.6.3 3. A meeting shall be held at the request of any Contracting Party, if SCAR reports that the harvest of any species of Antarctic seal in the area to which this Convention applies is having a significantly harmful effect on the total stocks or the ecological system in any particular locality.
Art.7 Article 7 Review of operations
Art.7.1x The Contracting Parties shall meet within five years after the entry into force of this Convention and at least every five years thereafter to review the operation of the Convention.