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Paragraphs in "Agreement Between The Government Of Canada, The Government Of The Republic Of Iceland And The Government Of The Kingdom Of Norway Concerning An International Observer Scheme For Land-Based Whaling Stations In The North Atlantic Area" coded as INFO

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Art.3.5 5. All reports required to be made, and all records and data required to be kept or supplied in accordance with the Schedule to the Convention, shall be freely and immediately available to the Observers for examination, and they shall be given all necessary explanations concerning such reports, records and data.
Art.3.6 6. The manager, senior officials, or national inspectors, at any of the land stations or group of land stations where Observers are on duty, shall supply any information that is necessary for the discharge of the functions of the Observers.
Art.3.7 7. When there is reasonable ground to believe that an infraction of the provisions of the Convention has taken place, it shall be brought in writing to the immediate notice both of the manager of the land station and of the senior national inspector by an Observer, who shall, if he deems it sufficiently serious, at once inform the Secretary of the Commission of the said infraction together with the explanation or comments of the manager of the land station and the senior national inspector.
Art.3.8 8. An Observer shall draw up a report covering his observations including possible infractions of the provisions of the Convention and the Schedule which have taken place during the season, and shall submit it both to the manager of the land station and to the senior national inspector for information and such explanations and comments as they may wish to make. All such explanations and comments shall be attached to the Observer's report, which shall be transmitted to the Secretary of the Commission as soon as possible.