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Paragraphs in "Agreement Between The Government Of Canada, The Government Of The Republic Of Iceland And The Government Of The Kingdom Of Norway Concerning An International Observer Scheme For Land-Based Whaling Stations In The North Atlantic Area" coded as NATBS

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Art.2.1 1. Each Participating Government shall nominate to the International Whaling Commission (hereinafter referred to as "the Commission"), a number of its nationals to act as Observers in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The number of Observers nominated by a Participating Government shall at least equal the number of land stations or group of land stations operating in that country.
Art.2.2 2. From the Observers so nominated the Commission, or the Chairman acting on behalf of the Commission, will appoint at least one Observer for duty at each land station or group of land stations in the North Atlantic area. Each Participating Government may advise the Commission that certain named Observers are being nominated for successive periods of duty at the same land station or group of land stations and may rotate these Observers providing that due notice is given to the Secretary of the Commission to be transmitted to the other Participating Governments. One Observer shall be on duty at each land station or group of land stations throughout the whaling season.