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Paragraphs in "Agreement Between The Government Of Canada, The Government Of The Republic Of Iceland And The Government Of The Kingdom Of Norway Concerning An International Observer Scheme For Land-Based Whaling Stations In The North Atlantic Area" coded as REVW

Label Provision
Art.6.1x The present Agreement shall enter into force on April 15, 1972.
Art.6.2x The Agreement shall continue in force for a period of one year. If no Participating Government gives notice three months before the expiration of the Agreement of its intention to terminate the Agreement, then it shall be extended automatically for successive periods of one year unless terminated by a Participating Government 3 months before the expiration of the current period.
Art.6.3x Representatives of the three Governments shall consult yearly before the expiration date of the Agreement in order to review the effectiveness of the Agreement with a view to implementing possible further measures to improve the Observer Scheme.