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Paragraphs in "Convention For The Prevention Of Marine Pollution By Dumping From Ships And Aircraft" coded as HOBS

Label Provision
Art.16 Article 16
Art.16.1x A Commission, made up of representatives of each of the Contracting Parties, is hereby established. The Commission shall meet at regular intervals and at any time when, due to special circumstances, it is so decided in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.
Art.18 Article 18
Art.18.1 1. The Commission shall draw up its own Rules of Procedure which shall be adopted by unanimous vote. The Government of Norway shall call the first meeting of the Commission as soon as practicable after the coming into force of this Convention.
Art.18.2 2. Recommendations for modification of the Annexes to this Convention in accordance with Article 17 (d) shall be adopted by a unanimous vote in the Commission, and the modification contained therein shall enter into force after unanimous approval by the Governments of the Contracting Parties.