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Paragraphs in "International Convention On The Establishment Of An International Fund For Compensation For Oil Pollution Damage" coded as SBF

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Art.19 Article 19
Art.19.1 1. Regular sessions of the Assembly shall take place once every calendar year upon convocation by the Director; provided, however, that if the Assembly allocates to the Executive Committee the functions specified in Article 18, paragraph 5, regular sessions of the Assembly shall be held once every two years.
Art.19.2 2. Extraordinary sessions of the Assembly shall be convened by the Director at the request of the Executive Committee or of at least one-third of the members of the Assembly and may be convened on the Director's own initiative after consultation with the Chairman of the Assembly. The Director shall give members at least thirty days' notice of such sessions.
Art.26 Article 26
Art.26.1 1. The functions of the Executive Committee shall be:
Art.26.1.a (a) to elect its Chairman and adopt its own rules of procedure, except as otherwise provided in this Convention;
Art.26.1.b (b) to assume and exercise in place of the Assembly the following functions:
Art.26.1.b.i (i) making provision for the appointment of such personnel, other than the Director, as may be necessary and determining the terms and conditions of service of such personnel;
Art.26.1.b.ii (ii) approving settlements of claims against the Fund and taking all other steps envisaged in relation to such claims in Article 18, paragraph 7;
Art.26.1.b.iii (iii) giving instructions to the Director concerning the administration of the Fund and supervising the proper execution, by him of the Convention, of the decisions of the Assembly and of the Committee's own decisions; and
Art.26.1.c (c) to perform such other functions as are allocated to it by the Assembly.
Art.26.2 2. The Executive Committee shall each year prepare and publish a report of the activities of the Fund during the previous calendar year.