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Paragraphs in "International Convention On The Establishment Of An International Fund For Compensation For Oil Pollution Damage" coded as SECS

Label Provision
Art.16 Article 16
Art.16.1x The Fund shall have an Assembly, a Secretariat headed by a Director and, in accordance with the provisions of Article 21, an Executive Committee.
Art.18 Article 18
Art.18.0x The functions of the Assembly shall, subject to the provisions of Article 26, be:
Art.18.1 1. to elect at each regular session its Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen who shall hold office until the next regular session;
Art.18.2 2. to determine its own rules of procedure, subject to the provisions of this Convention;
Art.18.3 3. to adopt Internal Regulations necessary for the proper functioning of the Fund;
Art.18.4 4. to appoint the Director and make provisions for the appointment of such other personnel as may be necessary and determine the terms and conditions of service of the Director and other personnel;
Art.18.5 5. to adopt the annual budget and fix the annual contributions;
Art.18.6 6. to appoint auditors and approve the accounts of the Fund;
Art.18.7 7. to approve settlements of claims against the Fund, to take decisions in respect of the distribution among claimants of the available amount of compensation in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 5, and to determine the terms and conditions according to which provisional payments in respect of claims shall be made with a view to ensuring that victims of pollution damage are compensated as promptly as possible;
Art.18.8 8. to elect the members of the Assembly to be represented on the Executive Committee, as provided in Articles 21, 22 and 23;
Art.18.9 9. to establish any temporary or permanent subsidiary body it may consider to be necessary;
Art.18.10 10. to determine which non-Contracting States and which inter-governmental and international non-governmental organizations shall be admitted to take part, without voting rights, in meetings of the Assembly, the Executive Committee, and subsidiary bodies;
Art.18.11 11. to give instructions concerning the administration of the Fund to the Director, the Executive Committee and subsidiary bodies;
Art.18.12 12. to review and approve the reports and activities of the Executive Committee;
Art.18.13 13. to supervise the proper execution of the Convention and of its own decisions;
Art.18.14 14. to perform such other functions as are allocated to it under the Convention or are otherwise necessary for the proper operation of the Fund.
Art.28 Article 28
Art.28.1 1. The Secretariat shall comprise the Director and such staff as the administration of the Fund may require.
Art.28.2 2. The Director shall be the legal representative of the Fund.
Art.29 Article 29
Art.29.1 1. The Director shall be the chief administrative officer of the Fund and shall, subject to the instructions given to him by the Assembly and by the Executive Committee, perform those functions which are assigned to him by this Convention, the Internal Regulations, the Assembly and the Executive Committee.
Art.29.2 2. The Director shall in particular:
Art.29.2.a (a) appoint the personnel required for the administration of the Fund;
Art.29.2.b (b) take all appropriate measures with a view to the proper administration of the Fund's assets;
Art.29.2.c (c) collect the contributions due under this Convention while observing in particular the provisions of Article 13, paragraph 3;
Art.29.2.d (d) to the extent necessary to deal with claims against the Fund and carry out the other functions of the Fund, employ the services of legal, financial and other experts;
Art.29.2.e (e) take all appropriate measures for dealing with claims against the Fund within the limits and on conditions to be laid down in the Internal Regulations, including the final settlement of claims without the prior approval of the Assembly or the Executive Committee where these Regulations so provide;
Art.29.2.f (f) prepare and submit to the Assembly or to the Executive Committee, as the case may be, the financial statements and budget estimates for each calendar year;
Art.29.2.g (g) assist the Executive Committee in the preparation of the report referred to in Article 26, paragraph 2;
Art.29.2.h (h) prepare, collect and circulate the papers, documents, agenda, minutes and information that may be required for the work of the Assembly, the Executive Committee and subsidiary bodies.