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Paragraphs in "Benelux Convention On The Hunting And Protection Of Birds" coded as DESCR

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Pre.1 The Government of the Kingdom of Belgium, the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Pre.2 Having regard to article 6 of the Treaty instituting the Benelux Economic Union, signed at The Hague on 3 February 1958,
Pre.3 Having regard to the International Convention for the protection of birds, signed at Paris on 18 October 1950, to which the three Benelux countries are parties;
Pre.4 Being desirous of harmonizing the principles governing their laws and regulations on the subject of hunting and the protection of birds in the wild state, which were established in the interests of land-holders, agriculture and the efficient protection of nature;
Pre.5 Considering that such harmonization will make for greater uniformity in the laws relating to the transport of game and birds in the wild state and thereby facilitate the elimination of formalities and inspection measures at the frontiers between the benelux countries;
Pre.6 Having regard to the advice of the Benelux Consultative Interparliamentary Council of 25 April 1970; Have agreed on the following provisions:
Sect.1 Part I