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Paragraphs in "Benelux Convention On The Hunting And Protection Of Birds" coded as SOVR

Label Provision
Art.12.1x Each of the three countries retains the right to maintain or to introduce legislative provisions for the regulation of matters not covered by this Convention, provided that such provisions are not incompatible with the Convention.
Art.13.1 1. Each of the three Governments retains the right, subject to the prior approval of the Committee of Ministers, recorded in a decision taken in conformity with article 19 (a) of the Treaty for the Union, to authorize departures from the provisions of this Convention in the interest of science or nature conservation or for the purpose of preventing damage.
Art.14.1x In pursuance of article l, paragraph 2, of the Treaty relating to the institution and statute of a Benelux Court of Justice, the provisions of this Convention shall be designated as common legal rules for the application of chapters III and IV of the aforesaid Treaty.