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Paragraphs in "International Convention On Civil Liability For Oil Pollution Damage" coded as NATBF

Label Provision
Art.9 Article IX
Art.9.1 1. Where an incident has caused pollution damage in the territory including the territorial sea of one or more Contracting States, or preventive measures have been taken to prevent or minimize pollution damage in such territory including the territorial sea, actions for compensation may only be brought in the Courts of any such Contracting State or States. Reasonable notice of any such action shall be given to the defendant.
Art.9.2 2. Each Contracting State shall ensure that its Courts possess the necessary jurisdiction to entertain such actions for compensation.
Art.9.3 3. After the fund has been constituted in accordance with Article V the Courts of the State in which the fund is constituted shall be exclusively competent to determine all matters relating to the apportionment and distribution of the fund.
Art.10 Article X
Art.10.1 1. Any judgment given by a Court with jurisdiction in accordance with Article IX which is enforceable in the State of origin where it is no longer subject to ordinary forms of review, shall be recognized in any Contracting State, except:
Art.10.1.a (a) where the judgment was obtained by fraud; or
Art.10.1.b (b) where the defendant was not given reasonable notice and a fair opportunity to present his case.
Art.10.2 2. A judgment recognized under paragraph 1 of this Article shall be enforceable in each Contracting State as soon as the formalities required in the State have been complied with. The formalities shall not permit the merits of the case to be re-opened.