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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Conservation Of The Living Resources Of The Southeast Atlantic" coded as SCOP

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Art.1 Article I
Art.1.1 1. The area to which this Convention shall apply, hereinafter referred to as the " Convention Area, " shall be all waters bounded by a line drawn as follows:
Art.1.1.1x Beginning at a point at 6°04'36" South latitude and 12°19'48" East longitude, thence in a northwesterly direction along a rhumb line to the point at the intersection of the meridian 12° East with the parallel 6° South, thence due west along this parallel to the meridian 20° West, thence due south along this meridian to the parallel 50° South, thence due east along this parallel to the meridian 40° East, thence due north along this meridian to the coast of the African continent, thence in a westerly direction along this coast to the original point of departure.
Art.1.2 2. The eastern boundary at the meridian 40° East shall be reviewed if a convention for the conservation of the living resources of the sea is established applying to an area immediately adjacent to that boundary.
Art.3 Article III
Art.3.1x This Convention shall apply to all fish and other living resources in the Convention Area, with the exception of any such resources as may be excluded pursuant to arrangements or agreements entered into by the Commission in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article XI of this Convention.