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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Conservation Of The Living Resources Of The Southeast Atlantic" coded as SECF

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Art.12 Article XII
Art.12.1 1. The Commission shall appoint an Executive Secretary on such conditions as it may determine.
Art.12.2 2. The staff of the Commission shall be appointed by the Executive Secretary in accordance with such rules and on such conditions as may be determined by the Commission.
Art.12.3 3. The Executive Secretary shall perform such functions as the Commission may prescribe, including the following:
Art.12.3.a (a) receiving and transmitting the Commission's official communications;
Art.12.3.b (b) preparing budget estimates for review by the Commission at its regular sessions;
Art.12.3.c (c) preparing for submission to the Commission at its regular sessions a report on the Commission's activities and the programme of work, and arranging for the subsequent publication of this report and the proceedings of the Commission;
Art.12.3.d (d) arranging for the collection and analysis of statistics and other data necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Convention;
Art.12.3.e (e) preparing for submission to the Commission, and for possible subsequent publication, reports on statistical, biological and other matters;
Art.12.3.f (f) authorizing the disbursement of funds in accordance with the Commission's budget;
Art.12.3.g (g) accounting for the funds of the Commission; and
Art.12.3.h (h) arranging for cooperation with international organizations as provided for under Article XI of this Convention.