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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Conservation Of The Living Resources Of The Southeast Atlantic" coded as SOVR

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Art.2.1x Nothing in this Convention shall be considered as affecting the rights, claims or views of any Contracting Party in regard to the limits of the territorial sea or to the extent of jurisdiction over fisheries under international law.
Art.3.1x This Convention shall apply to all fish and other living resources in the Convention Area, with the exception of any such resources as may be excluded pursuant to arrangements or agreements entered into by the Commission in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article XI of this Convention.
Art.7.5 5. The Commission shall designate the Contracting Parties that may be represented on a Regional or Stock Committee. However, when a Regional or Stock Committee is established a Contracting Party shall automatically have the right to be represented thereon if it fishes in the region; or if it exploits the stock concerned; or if it has a coastline adjacent to the region concerned or the area where the stock is to be found. If a Contracting Party exploits a stock outside the region covered by a Regional or Stock Committee, it may be eligible to be represented thereon if the Commission so decides.
Art.8.3.b (b) the terms of any such agreement shall be reported by the Contracting Parties concerned to the Commission as soon as possible. Without prejudice to the binding force of such agreements on the parties thereto, the Commission may thereupon make recommendations, pursuant to paragraph 1 of this Article, on the subject matter of the said agreements.
Art.10.1 1. Without prejudice to the rights of States in the waters in which they are entitled under international law to exercise jurisdiction over fisheries, each Contracting Party shall take appropriate measures, in its territories and in these waters with respect to all persons and vessels, and beyond these waters with respect to its nationals and vessels, to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the present Convention and the recommendations of the Commission which have become binding on that Contracting Party, and to apply sanctions for the violation of such recommendations.