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Paragraphs in "Agreement On Administrative Arrangements For The Prek Thnot (Cambodia) Power And Irrigation Development Project" coded as FINAD

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Art.4 Article IV
Art.4.1 1. The Coordinator shall convene a meeting of the Cooperating Members and the United Nations Development Programme at least twice a year to receive and examine reports and information referred to in Article V.9 and Article VI.6, as well as the budget referred to in Article V.4, and, at any other time, at the request of three or more Cooperating Members. Normally, at least two weeks notice of such meetings shall be given.
Art.4.2 2. The Cooperating Members and the United Nations Development Programme may hold consultations concerning measures to be taken for major problems arising in respect of the implementation of the Project, and make recommendations to the Government through the Coordinator. The Government shall take due cognizance of such recommendations. In making such recommendations referred to above, the Cooperating Members shall advise the Government whether the recommendation is a consensus or is supported by the majority of the Cooperating Members whose combined contributions also constitute more than half of the total of such contributions.
Art.6 Article VI
Art.6.1 1. The Government shall cause the Project to be carried out with due diligence and efficiency and in conformity with sound engineering and financial practices and shall accord first priority, in its development program, to the Project.
Art.6.2 2. The Government shall make good any deficit in foreign exchange which may arise in the course of the execution of the Project.
Art.6.3 3. The Government shall make available promptly as required the necessary local currency for carrying out the Project. In preparing a schedule for the use of local currency, the Government shall consult with the Coordinator.
Art.6.4 4. The Government shall at its own expense and promptly as needed obtain and make available land and interests in land required for the carrying out or operation of the Project free of any incumbrance.
Art.6.5 5. The Corporation shall maintain in a manner satisfactory to the Coordinator and to Cooperating Members records adequate to identify the goods and services financed by the latter's contributions, to disclose the use thereof in the Project, and to show the progress of the Project. The Government shall consider requests from Cooperating Members, as may be necessary for the execution of the Project, to visit the site of the Project and to see goods used or required for the Project. It shall furnish to the Coordinator all such information concerning the Project as he shall reasonably request.
Art.6.6 6. The Government and the Coordinator shall from time to time exchange views with regard to matters relating to the purposes of this Agreement. The Government will promptly inform the Coordinator who shall forthwith inform the Cooperating Members of any condition which interferes with, or which threatens to interfere with, the accomplishment of the purposes of this Agreement.
Art.6.7 7. The Government shall grant an exemption from, or the Corporation shall bear from its own funds the cost of any taxes, duties, fees, or levies which may be imposed in respect of:
Art.6.7.a (a) the receipts of contractors, suppliers, companies and firms furnishing or supplying property or services for the purposes of carrying out the Project;
Art.6.7.b (b) The salaries, allowances, bonuses and other income of experts, technicians and employees not normally resident in Cambodia;
Art.6.7.c (c) The importation and making available for consumption of the equipment, property, products and services necessary for the purposes of carrying out the Project and the re-exportation of such equipment, property and products not required after completion of the Project operations.