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Paragraphs in "Agreement On Administrative Arrangements For The Prek Thnot (Cambodia) Power And Irrigation Development Project" coded as HOBS

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Art.4 Article IV
Art.4.1 1. The Coordinator shall convene a meeting of the Cooperating Members and the United Nations Development Programme at least twice a year to receive and examine reports and information referred to in Article V.9 and Article VI.6, as well as the budget referred to in Article V.4, and, at any other time, at the request of three or more Cooperating Members. Normally, at least two weeks notice of such meetings shall be given.
Art.4.2 2. The Cooperating Members and the United Nations Development Programme may hold consultations concerning measures to be taken for major problems arising in respect of the implementation of the Project, and make recommendations to the Government through the Coordinator. The Government shall take due cognizance of such recommendations. In making such recommendations referred to above, the Cooperating Members shall advise the Government whether the recommendation is a consensus or is supported by the majority of the Cooperating Members whose combined contributions also constitute more than half of the total of such contributions.