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Paragraphs in "African Convention On The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources" coded as DEFN

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Art.3 Article III Definitions
Art.3.1x For the purposes of the present Convention, the meaning of the following expressions shall be as defined below:
Art.3.1x.a (a) "Natural Resources" means renewable resources, that is soil, water, flora and fauna;
Art.3.1x.b (b) "Specimen" means an individual example of a species of wild animal or wild plant or part of a wild plant;
Art.3.1x.c (c) "Trophy" means any dead animal specimen or part thereof whether included in a manufactured or processed object or otherwise dealt with, unless it has lost its original identity; also nests, eggs and eggshells;
Art.3.1x.d (d) "Conservation area" means any protected natural resource area, whether it be a strict natural reserve, a national park or a special reserve.
Art.3.1x.d.1 (1) "Strict nature reserve" means an area:
Art.3.1x.d.1.i (i) under State control and the boundaries of which may not be altered nor any portion alienated except by the competent legislative authority;
Art.3.1x.d.1.ii (ii) throughout which any form of hunting or fishing, any undertaking connected with forestry, agriculture or mining, any grazing, any excavation or prospecting, drilling, leveling of the ground or construction, any work tending to alter the configuration of the soil or the character of the vegetation, any water pollution and, generally, any act likely to harm or disturb the fauna of flora, including introduction of zoological or botanical species, whether indigenous or imported, wild or domesticated, are strictly forbidden;
Art.3.1x.d.1.iii (iii) where it shall be forbidden to reside, enter, traverse or camp, and where it shall be forbidden to fly over at low altitude, without a special written permit from the competent authority, and in which scientific investigations (including removal of animals and plants in order to maintain an ecosystem) may only be undertaken by permission of the competent authority.
Art.3.1x.d.2 (2) "national park" means an area:
Art.3.1x.d.2.i (i) under State control and the boundaries of which may not be altered or any portion alienated except by the competent legislative authority;
Art.3.1x.d.2.ii (ii) exclusively set aside for the propagation, protection, conservation and management of vegetation and wild animals as well as for the protection of sites, land-spaces or geological formations of particular scientific or aesthetic value, for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public; and
Art.3.1x.d.2.iii (iii) in which the killing, hunting and capture of animals and the destruction or collection of plants are prohibited except for scientific and management purposes and on the condition that such measures are taken under the direction or control of the competent authority;
Art.3.1x.d.2.iv (iv) covering any aquatic environment to which all of the provisions of section (b) (1-3) above are applicable.
Art.3.1x.d.2.vx The activities prohibited in strict nature reserve under the provisions of section (a) (2) of paragraph (4) of this article are equally prohibited in national parks except in so far as they are necessary to enable the park authorities to implement the provisions of section (2) of this paragraph, by applying, for example, appropriate management practices, and to enable the public to visit these parks; however, sport fishing may be practiced with the authorization and under the control of the competent authority;
Art.3.1x.d.3 (3) "special reserve" means other protected areas such as:
Art.3.1x.d.3.i (i) "game reserve" which shall denote an area
Art.3.1x.d.3.i.a (a) set aside for the conservation, management and propagation of wild animal life and the protection and management of its habitat;
Art.3.1x.d.3.i.b (b) within which the hunting, killing or capture of fauna shall be prohibited except by or under the direction or control of the reserve authorities;
Art.3.1x.d.3.i.c (c) where settlement and other human activities shall be controlled or prohibited.
Art.3.1x.d.3.ii (ii) "partial reserve" or "sanctuary" which shall denote an area
Art.3.1x.d.3.ii.a (a) set aside to protect characteristic wildlife and especially bird communities, or to protect particularly threatened animal or plant species and especially those listed in the Annex to this Convention, together with the biotopes essential for their survival;
Art.3.1x.d.3.ii.b (b) in which all other interests and activities shall be subordinated to this end.
Art.3.1x.d.3.iii (iii) "soil" "water" or "forest" reserve shall denote areas set aside to protect such resources.