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Paragraphs in "African Convention On The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources" coded as DESCR

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Pre.2 We the Heads of State and Government of Independent African States,
Pre.3 FULLY CONSCIOUS that soil, water, flora and faunal resources constitute a capital of vital importance to mankind;
Pre.4 CONFIRMING, as we accepted upon declaring our adherence to the Charter of the Organization of African Unity, that we know that it is our duty "to harness the natural and human resources of our continent for the total advancement of our peoples in spheres of human endeavour";
Pre.5 FULLY CONSCIOUS of the ever-growing importance of natural resources from an economic, nutritional, scientific, educational, cultural and aesthetic point of view;
Pre.6 CONSCIOUS of the dangers which threaten some of these irreplaceable assets;
Pre.7 ACCEPTING that the utilization of the natural resources must aim at satisfying the needs of man according to the carrying capacity of the environment;
Pre.8 DESIROUS of undertaking individual and joint action for the conservation, utilization and development of these assets by establishing and maintaining their rational utilization for the present and future welfare of mankind;
Pre.9 CONVINCED that one of the most appropriate means of achieving this end is to bring into force a convention;
Art.1 Article I
Art.8 Article VIII Protected Species
Art.8.1 1. The Contracting States recognize that it is important and urgent to accord a special protection to those animal and plant species that are threatened with extinction, or which may become so, and to the habitat necessary to their survival. Where such a species is represented only in the territory of one Contracting State, that State has a particular responsibility for its protection. These species which are, or may be listed, according to the degree of protection that shall be given to them are placed in Class A or B of the Annex to this Convention, and shall be protected by Contracting States as follows:
Art.8.1.a (a) species in Class A shall be totally protected throughout the entire territory of the Contracting States; the hunting, killing, capture or collection of specimens shall be permitted only on the authorization in each case of the highest competent authority and only if required in the national interest or for scientific purposes; and
Art.8.1.b (b) species in Class B shall be totally protected, but may be hunted, killed, captured or collected under special authorization granted by the competent authority.
Art.8.2 2. The competent authority of each Contracting State shall examine the necessity of applying the provisions of this article to species not listed in the annex, in order to conserve the indigenous flora and fauna of their respective countries. Such additional species shall be placed in Class A or B by the State concerned, according to its specific requirements.