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Paragraphs in "Agreement For The Establishment For Arab Centre For The Studies Of Dry And Barren Land" coded as SBS

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Art.3.1 (1) The Centre may conduct regional studies on barren areas in the Arab Countries with especial emphasis on the following main studies:
Art.3.1.ax - Studies relating to water resources, including atmospheric water, surface water and underground water, and meteorological studies (e.g. water vapour in the atmosphere, types of thunderstorms and their annual distribution etc.);
Art.3.1.bx - Studies of surface water and underground water with the purpose of their effective utilization;
Art.3.1.cx - Studies of utilization of water resources in the light of the hydrological balance of the water resource;
Art.3.1.dx - Studies on the geological and geomorphological aspects of the different areas;
Art.3.1.ex - Studies on the economy of barren land utilization;
Art.3.1.fx - Studies of soils and map plotting of the different types and classification and their priority for agricultural utilization and suggestions for the best means for each areas;
Art.3.1.gx - Studies on the degree of soil erosion by wind torrents, irrigation water and rains and on conducting experiments for best soil conservation;
Art.3.1.hx - Studies on the best means of irrigation and drainage;
Art.3.1.ix - Studies of the best means of soil and water usage;
Art.3.1.jx - Studies on the effect of salinity in the soils and plants and its remedy;
Art.3.1.kx - Studies of the problems of the deterioration of the agri- culture and protective crops and its remedy;
Art.3.1.lx - Studies on the adaptation of plants and animals;
Art.3.1.mx #NAME?
Art.3.2 (2) To achieve these objects the centre undertakes:
Art.3.2.a (a) The training of specialists and technicians in the fields of research for the determination, reservation and utilization of the natural resources such as water, soil, pasture and forest etc.
Art.3.2.b (b) The Administrative Council may establish branches in the member Arab Countries whenever it deems necessary.
Art.3.2.c (c) The exchange of scientific knowledge and information between the Arab and other countries.
Art.3.2.d (d) The co-operation with similar international organizations and agencies which have interests in barrer lands such as the Unesco and the International Geographic Union.
Art.3.2.e (e) The extension of education in reserving the natural resources such as water soils, protective crops, pastures, forests, games etc.
Art.4.a (a) The Residence of the Centre shall be in Damascus.
Art.4.b (b) The Administrative Council may establish branches in the member Arab Countries whenever it deems necessary.
Art.10.1x The Centre shall have a General Administration consisting of a full time Director General to be appointed by the Ad­ministrative Council and a number of officials and experts to be appointed by the General Manager, The terms of service of those officials shall be provided for by the in­ternal regulations of the Centre.