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Paragraphs in "Agreement For The Establishment For Arab Centre For The Studies Of Dry And Barren Land" coded as SECF

Label Provision
Art.11 Article 11 DIRECTOR GENERAL
Art.11.1x The Director General shall undertake the Administration of the Affairs of the Centre and be responsible to the Admin­istrative Council. He shall contract in the name of the Centre and represent it before the courts.
Art.15.1x The representatives of the member countries in the centre, the officials and experts shall enjoy immunities and privi­leges necessary for their work in fulfilment of the object of the centre. The Secretary General of the Arab League shall determine these immunities and privileges in consul­tation with the concerned Arab Countries.
Art.19 Article 19
Art.19.1x This agreement shall come into force after the placing of the documents of ratification by 5 member states including the state where the centre is situated and shall come into effect with respect to these countries after one month from either the date of ratification, the date of affiliation or the date of admission to the membership of the centre.
Art.19.2x The Secretary General shall extend invitation to the member countries to attend the first meeting of the Administrative Council.