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Paragraphs in "Phytosanitary Convention For Africa" coded as DESCR

Label Provision
Pre.1 We the Heads of African State and Government of the Organization of African Unity:
Pre.2 Considering that all possible steps should be taken -
Pre.3.a (a) to prevent the introduction of diseases, insect pests, and other enemies of plants into any part of Africa;
Pre.4.b (b) to eradicate or control them in so far as they are present in the area; and
Pre.5.c (c) to prevent their spread to other territories within the area.
Pre.6 Considering further that the former Commission for Technical co-operation in Africa has been integrated into the Organization of African Unity (hereinafter referred to as "OAU") and that Phyto- sanitary convention for Africa South of the Sahara, done at London on July 29, 1954, as amended in 1961, should be remodeled and expanded to meet the requirements of the African States;
Pre.7 Recognizing that the co-operation amongst the African States in controlling pests and Diseases of Plants and Plant products and in preventing their introduction and spread across national boundaries would be a vital contribution towards the realization of stronger solidarity amongst their peoples;
Pre.8 Recognizing further the usefulness of the international co- operation provided for in the International Plant Protection Convention signed at Rome on December 6th, 1951, and the need for co-ordination of activities in this field;
Pre.9 Resolved to reinforce the links between our States by establishing and strengthening common institutions;
Pre.10 Have agreed as follows: