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Paragraphs in "Convention On The International Hydrographic Organization" coded as SBS

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Art.4.1x The Organization shall comprise :
Art.4.2x The International Hydrographic Conference, hereinafter referred to as the Conference;
Art.4.3x The International Hydrographic Bureau, hereinafter referred to as the Bureau, administrated by the Directing Committee.
Art.5.1x The functions of the Conference shall be :
Art.5.1x.a (a) To give general directives on the functioning and work of the Organization;
Art.5.1x.b (b) To elect the members of the Directing Committee and its President;
Art.5.1x.c (c) To examine the reports submitted to it by the Bureau;
Art.5.1x.d (d) To make decisions in respect of all proposals of a technical or administrative nature submitted by Member Governments or by the Bureau;
Art.5.1x.e (e) To approve the budget by a majority of two-thirds of the Member Governments represented at the Conference;
Art.5.1x.f (f) To adopt, by a two-thirds majority of the Member Governments, amendments to the General Regulations and Financial Regulations;
Art.5.1x.g (g) To adopt, by the majority prescribed in the preceding paragraph, any particular regulations that may prove to be necessary, notably on the status of the directors and staff of the Bureau.
Art.6.1 1. The Conference shall be composed of representatives of the Member Governments. It shall meet in ordinary session every five years. An extraordinary session of the Conference may be held at the request of a Member Government or of the Bureau, subject to approval by the majority of the Member Governments.
Art.6.2 2. The Conference shall be convened by the Bureau on at least six months' notice. A provisional agenda shall be submitted with the notice.
Art.6.3 3. The Conference shall elect its President and Vice-President.
Art.6.4 4. Each Member Government shall have one vote. However, for the voting on the questions referred to in Article V( b), each Government shall have a number of votes determined by a scale established in relation to the tonnage of their fleets.
Art.6.5 5. Conference decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of the Member Governments represented at the Conference, except where this Convention provides otherwise. When voting for or against is evenly divided, the President of the Conference shall be empowered to a decision. In the case of resolutions to be inserted in the Repertory of Technical Resolutions, the majority shall in any event include the affirmative votes of not less than one third of the Member Governments.
Art.6.6 6. Between sessions of the Conference the Bureau may consult the Member Governments by correspondence on questions concerning the technical functioning of the Organization. The voting procedure shall conform to that provided for in paragraph 5 of this Article, the majority being calculated in this case on the basis of the total membership of the Organization.
Art.6.7 7. The Conference shall constitute its own Committees, including the Finance Committee referred to in Article VII.
Art.7.1 1. The supervision of the financial administration of the Organization shall be exercised by a Finance Committee on which each Member Government may be represented by one delegate.
Art.7.2 2. The Committee shall meet during sessions of the Conference. It may meet in extraordinary session.
Art.9.1x The Bureau shall be composed of the Directing Committee and the technical and administrative staff required by the Organization.
Art.10.1 1. The Directing Committee shall administer the Bureau in accordance with the provisions of this Convention and the Regulations and with directives given by the Conference.
Art.10.2 2. The Directing Committee shall be composed of three members of different nationality, elected by the Conference, which shall further elect one of them to fill the office of President of the Committee. The term of office of the Directing Committee shall be five years. If a post of director falls vacant during the period between two Conferences, a by-election may be held by correspondence as provided for in the General Regulations. (See Annex at the end of this chapter)
Art.10.3 3. The President of the Directing Committee shall represent the Organization.