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Paragraphs in "International Convention For The Conservation Of Atlantic Tunas" coded as SBF

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Art.5 Article V
Art.5.1 1. There is established within the Commission a Council which shall consist of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Commission together with the representatives of not less than four and not more than eight Contracting Parties. The Contracting Parties represented on the Council shall be elected at each regular meeting of the Commission. However, if at any time the number of the Contracting Parties exceeds forty, the Commission may elect an additional two Contracting Parties to be represented on the Council. The Contracting Parties of which the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are nationals shall not be elected to the Council. In elections to the Council the Commission shall give due consideration to the geographic, tuna fishing and tuna processing interests of the Contracting Parties, as well as to the equal right of the Contracting Parties to be represented on the Council.
Art.5.2 2. The Council shall perform such functions as are assigned to it by this Convention or are designated by the Commission, and shall meet at least once in the interim between regular meetings of the Commission. Between meetings of the Commission the Council shall make necessary decisions on the duties to be carried out by the staff and shall issue necessary instructions to the Executive Secretary. Decisions of the Council shall be made in accordance with rules to be established by the Commission.
Art.6 Article VI
Art.6.1x To carry out the objectives of this Convention the Commission may establish Panels on the basis of species, group of species, or of geographic areas. Each Panel in such case:
Art.6.1x.a a) shall be responsible for keeping under review the species, group of species, or geographic area under its purview, and for collecting scientific and other information relating thereto;
Art.6.1x.b b) may propose to the Commission, upon the basis of scientific investigations, recommendations for joint action by the Contracting Parties;
Art.6.1x.c c) may recommend to the Commission studies and investigations necessary for obtaining information relating to its species, group of species or geographic area, as well as the co-ordination of programmes of investigation by the Contracting Parties.
Art.10 Article X
Art.10.1 1. The Commission shall adopt a budget for the joint expenses of the Commission for the biennium following each regular meeting.
Art.10.2 2. Each Contracting Party shall contribute annually to the budget of the Commission an amount equal to:
Art.10.2.a a) U.S. $ 1,000 (one thousand United States dollars) for Commission membership.
Art.10.2.b b) U.S. $ 1,000 (one thousand United States dollars) for each Panel membership.
Art.10.2.c c) If the proposed budget for joint expenses for any biennium should exceed the whole amount of contributions to be made by the Contracting Parties under (a) and (b) of this paragraph, one-third of the amount of such excess shall be contributed by the Contracting Parties in proportion to their contributions made under (a) and (b) of this paragraph. For the remaining two-thirds the Commission shall determine on the basis of the latest available information:
Art.10.2.c.i (i) the total of the round weight of catch of Atlantic tuna and tuna-like fishes and the net weight of canned products of such fishes for each Contracting Party;
Art.10.2.c.ii (ii) the total of (i) for all Contracting Parties. Each Contracting Party shall contribute its share of the remaining two-thirds in the same ratio that its total in (i) bears to the total in (ii). That part of the budget referred to in this sub-paragraph shall be set by agreement of all the Contracting Parties present and voting.
Art.10.3 3. The Council shall review the second half of the biennial budget at its regular meeting between Commission meetings and, on the basis of current and anticipated developments, may authorize reapportionment of amounts in the Commission budget for the second year within the total budget approved by the Commission.
Art.10.4 4. The Executive Secretary of the Commission shall notify each Contracting Party of its yearly assessment. The contributions shall be payable on January first of the year for which the assessment was levied. Contributions not received before January first of the succeeding year shall be considered as in arrears.
Art.10.5 5. Contributions to the biennial budget shall be payable in such currencies as the Commission may decide.
Art.10.6 6. At its first meeting the Commission shall approve a budget for the balance of the first year the Commission functions and for the following biennium. It shall immediately transmit to the Contracting Parties copies of these budgets together with notices of the respective assessments for the first annual contribution.
Art.10.7 7. Thereafter, within a period not less than sixty days before the regular meeting of the Commission which precedes the biennium, the Executive Secretary shall submit to each Contracting Party a draft biennial budget together with a schedule of proposed assessments.
Art.10.8 8. The Commission may suspend the voting rights of any Contracting Party when its arrears of contributions equal or exceed the amount due from it for the two preceding years.
Art.10.9 9. The Commission shall establish a Working Capital Fund to finance operations of the Commission prior to receiving annual contributions, and for such other purposes as the Commission may determine. The Commission shall determine the level of the Fund, assess advances necessary for its establishment, and adopt regulations governing the use of the Fund.
Art.10.10 10. The Commission shall arrange an annual independent audit of the Commission's accounts. The reports of such audits shall be reviewed and approved by the Commission, or by the Council in years when there is no regular Commission meeting.
Art.10.11 11. The Commission may accept contributions, other than provided for in paragraph 2 of this Article, for the prosecution of its work.